Facebook ads are a great way to grow an audience and site traffic but it can easily go wrong if you set it up without a good strategy. Not only do you need to consider your target audience and budget but you also need to protect your page from fake pages such as bots and click farmers.

There are three main methods of paid advertisement via Facebook:

Grow your audience

This is effective for generating new likes by promoting your face-book page to people who may be interested.

Reach out to your existing audience

As your page grows Facebook limits the number of people that your posts will reach, so if you want one of your posts to reach all users you need to pay an amount based on how big your audience is.

Promote a product, website or page

If you are less concerned about your Facebook audience and more concerned about generating more site traffic this is probably the best option.

So first you pay for likes, and then you pay to reach the people who already liked you.

However, there is a much cheaper black-hat alternative to advertising in Facebook to generate likes instantly known as click farming. Most people that pay for Facebook likes in this way have no idea what it actually is. Click farming companies usually offer deals like $100 for 1000 likes. It just works like magic, a page owner pays the company and within a few weeks the page has 1000 likes. But what they don’t know is that all of the likes are from fake Facebook accounts. Click farming can be defined as slave labour that consists of millions of people in underdeveloped countries and robots liking Facebook pages. Of course Facebook has tried to counter it with fraud detection algorithms but so far it just made things worse, because to avoid the fraud detection the fake accounts need to like legitimate Facebook pages too. That means that click farming not only affects the people who pay for such a devastating thing, but also people who legitimately advertise through Facebook. Furthermore Facebook actually benefits from this set-up because it generates revenue from click farmers that like things to avoid spam detection.


So how much is a like worth?

1000 likes = $1 to the slave, $99 or more to the click farmer

1000 likes = $250 or more to Facebook

It costs about $0.25 for each post to reach those 1000 people who liked the page

For those 1000 likes generated for your Facebook page; its going to cost you even more money for your post to reach all of those people. People that wont be engaging in your page, using your products or buying from you because they are fake accounts. Generally the more likes a Facebook page gets the less people will be engaging with it and the more it will cost you to target the smaller % of real users who will. This problem occurs even if you promote your page legitimately in Facebook, because the click farmers must like a variety of things in order to avoid detection or exposing people who paid for click farmers. This results in them liking absolutely everything that is advertised to them. So every time you promote your page in any way you are paying for advertisements that are mostly going to be seen and liked by fake accounts.

So its always best to play it safe, grow your page naturally and keep a smaller amount of users engaged. Check out the coming soon post for some tips for setting up Facebook ads and follow this blog for more useful tips and tricks in future.

This video demonstrates how Facebook fraud and click farming works


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