Getting developers to build a system for collecting data about your organisation or for customer feedback is costly and usually results in a clunky or difficult to use product.
If your method for collecting data is not user friendly you may miss out on a considerable amount of data even if its from your own staff.

Fortunately there are now ways to collect data and generate dynamic reports for free. You can embed the results in your website or keep it private and secure.


How does it work?

Data will be collected and submitted in an on-line form which can be embedded into your website and sent vis email or social media. This form sends data to a spreadsheet that acts as a database where the data is stored. That data is then synced with charts which are displayed on the website. The data will update automatically when someone click the form submit button. Once everything is set up its easy to generate any kind of statistical report and embed it in your website or blog posts. You can even collaborate and have several people generating reports at once and disable them from sharing data. If you don’t require the data to update automatically you can collect data in your own custom form on your website instead of using Google forms. This means that you will need to export data and upload it to the spreadsheet yourself, but generating new reports is a breeze. Or you could always keep the data private if you don’t wish to share it. Do you want to start collecting data and creating statistical reports? Get in touch, it takes a good few hours to set up but there are no ongoing costs. For some strange reason – Google apps are free!


Credit: Illustration by Marco Ivancic in Wellington