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The Problem

A tutor who had funding to host free organic home food production courses approached Launch Design with a problem. His classes were arranged to start in two weeks but there were no students. The courses were 9 months long and 20 dedicated students were required to sign up. He had been walking around local markets for months handing out flyers that he had made himself with not much luck.

The Solution

A simple website with course information and a form to collect registrations and with a few details about the course was put together. Professional flyers were designed and printed, and a face-book page for some extra marketing and reaching out to groups in the area. The updated graphic style across all mediums made all the difference as people often associate quality design with the products and services that it represents.

The Results

Despite the tutor being reluctant to use digital media most of the students registered on-line, 90% of which found the website through on-line marketing. The content marketing strategy and a little help from face-book ads not only filled up the 20 student limit for the free course but a few paying customers got in touch too. However it was found that the most reliable source for finding dedicated students was approaching people in person with information flyers that had links to the website and social media. During the campaign we were noticed by the press and Organic NZ magazine decided to include an article after reaching out on Facebook.


Rainbow Hills Sustainable Futures Trust is a small non-profit charitable trust that provides free home food production education to locals in the Far North District.

Type Non-Profit
Website rainbowhills.weebly.com
Location Rawene
Year 2014
Project Credits

Logan Rasmussen


Visual style & Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Logo Design
  • Photo Editing
Web Design & Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Extra CSS styling
Printed media
  • Business Cards
  • A5 Booklet

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