Project Collaborators

To keep things local and overheads low – here are a few of the professionals we collaborate with on certain projects. Even when the going gets tough, Launch Design projects never get outsourced to overseas. This ensures top quality work and helps boost the local economy.

Logan Rasmussen

Director/ Digital Designer/ Developer

Logan has a diverse skill set that covers all of the listed services while specialising more in branding and building websites for small business; covering all things from setting up databases to online marketing & SEO. Most of which was learned from experience after graduating from Massey University in 2012 with A class Honours in Digital Media; where he learned an assortment of technical skills from graphics & publication design to designing apps and eventually 3D video game production.

Mia Jia

Photography / Chinese Communications

Mia was initially contracted as an assistant photographer and now manages projects that require Chinese translations and social platforms such as We-Chat marketing & even video production. Whenever large projects come up Mia helps out part time as she is currently completing her masters in Communication Management at Massey University. If you have anything you need to design and get across to the Chinese markets in New Zealand connect with Mia on Linkedin.

Nemo Stanar

3D Visualisation & Video Production

Nemo (aka Nemanja) is also a digital media generalist but also specialises in the field of 3D rendering and video production. For any large 3D, animation or film project Nemo takes charge, sets budgets, assembles teams and equipment, while still playing a major part in the production. If you have any large-scale 3D visualisation, 3D animation or video production projects and want them done efficiently check out Nemo’s portfolio & feel free to get in touch.

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