Why choose Launch Design?

Graphic Design | Web Development | Digital Media

A Wellington based freelance design studio dedicated to working with the community. Our graphic & web design services can help shape brands and grow companies while keeping costs low. We offer affordable options for small business and non profit organisations without sacrificing quality.

Grow your business efficiently

Our mission is to help local businesses grow while providing young designers with paid work experience. Together we can build up a network, explore new creative ways of doing business and show the world what we are passionate about.

Graphic Design


Give your business a face lift with a new logo design, typography & keep style-sheets to help future proof your business.


Attract attention with artistic images or speed up user interactions with Simple Icons & vector graphics.

Visual Reports

Gather data and present it in stunning visual reports. Keep your invoices and other spreadsheets consistent with the rest of your visual style.

Printed Media

Choose from a wide selection of printed media form small business cards to massive canvas banners.

Web Development

User Experience

Make interfaces super easy to use and base functionality on user testing. Guide users through content and make them more likely to return.

Responsive websites

Cater your website to work on any device to increase your potential market and rank better in search engines. Easily update any part of the website yourself.

Marketing & Social Media

Take advantage of cost effective marketing tactics and learn how to easily manage your own campaigns with a little guidance so you can invest more in other things.

Optimisation and SEO

Get ahead in the competitive web ranking game and supercharge your website to run quickly and smoothly.

Digital Media

Film & Animation

Breathe life into any design and increase interactivity. Get a fully featured video made to communicate messages in the most engaging way.

Mobile apps

Build your app to work on any mobile device. Get custom prototypes of software to safely develop an app or video-game without having to invest too much during early stages.

Video Games

Communicate meaningful messages in compelling interactive experiences. Generate some extra revenue while promoting your cause.

3D Modelling

Get 3D models and scenes built for demonstrating architecture, products, systems or artistic purposes.

Our Ideals

We <3 start-ups

Trying to make something awesome with limited funds isn’t easy, but we have a few tricks that can help you save money in the short term.

Transparent as ever

We believe that the creative industry could do with a little more transparency. Being up front with pricing is a small risk that we are taking to help out the community.

Team focused!

If you have some specialists on board we are happy to join forces. Teamwork can make projects more cost effective, personalised and familiar to your organisation.

No job is too small

Even if you just want something small like a flyer or business cards made up and printed we don’t mind taking on the smaller jobs, we’ve got you covered.

Different rates for different people

The main reason for charging different rates is because we love to support good causes, especially when its something that we can get passionate about too. The digital world is a competitive market and some of the smaller guys will have trouble competing at first, but with a little professional help the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately professional services are costly and anyone short of funds will miss out big time – so there’s a bunch of passionate people that aren’t getting looked after well. We cant help everyone but can hopefully make a difference for the ones we can. Our goal is to find a balance that everyone is happy with so any feedback is welcome. Check out our Price Calculator to see how-much you can save.

Non-profit Organisation



  • Non-profit Organisation 20%
  • Large non profit org 30%
  • Individuals (low-med income) 30%
  • Sole trader (High income) 40%
  • Small Business 30%
  • Medium business 45%
  • Large Business 70%

Not sure where to start?

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